Meat With Me Bacon

  • $10.50

At our butcher shop, we take pride in our bacon-making process. We start with premium pork bellies, carefully trimming away excess fat and ensuring uniformity in shape. Unlike mass-produced varieties, we avoid injecting our bacon, opting instead for a traditional brining method.

Our pork bellies are left to marinate in a flavorful brine for four days, allowing the rich flavors to develop as they tumble gently. Next, we subject them to an eight-hour smoking process over maple wood, imparting a deep, natural smokiness that sets our bacon apart. Hand-sliced on the thicker side, our bacon is packaged in one-pound packs.


When cooked, you'll notice that our bacon maintains its size and texture, avoiding the shrinkage often seen in mass-produced alternatives found in big-box stores.