AAA T-Bone Steaks

  • $32.00

 Our AAA t-bone steaks are a customer favourite, offering a perfect balance of tender filet mignon and flavourful striploin steak.

Each steak is carefully sourced from Ontario farms, hand-cut by our skilled butchers, and vacuum-sealed for optimal freshness. Whether you're grilling, pan-searing, or broiling, our AAA t-bone steaks are sure to impress.

But what's the difference between a t-bone and a porterhouse steak? While both cuts come from the same section of the cow (the short loin), the main difference lies in the size of the tenderloin. A porterhouse steak has a larger tenderloin section than a t-bone, typically measuring around 1.25 inches or more. In contrast, a t-bone steak has a smaller tenderloin section, usually around 0.5 inches or less.

In terms of cooking, both cuts can be prepared similarly and are often grilled or broiled to medium-rare or medium doneness. However, because the tenderloin section of a porterhouse is larger, it may take longer to cook than the strip steak section, requiring more careful attention to prevent overcooking.

No matter which cut you choose, Meat With Me is committed to providing you with the highest quality meats for your next meal.

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Frequently asked questions

Your order will be prepared and cut specifically for you. Your order will be sent out at least 3 business days from your purchase. Check our FAQ section for delivery days and locations

Each steak will be individually packaged. They will arrive fresh not frozen.

We use thermal bags and ice packs to make sure the order stays cool until you get home. You will also receive live tracking of your order when it is on the way.